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Speed and Horse Power was established in February 2015 and it operates as a privately owned Qatari organization.

The idea for the company got developed after more than 10 years of experience in the motorcycles business and service. Our main goal is to provide the Qatari consumers a diversified range of motorbikes.

The company has initially started as a GCC exclusive distributor for pit bikes and UTV-s. The first brand was Pitster Pro USA, which was first opened in 2003 in USA and it rapidly became the designer, manufacturer and distributor for all the registered trademark's motorbikes. Speed and Horse Power has implemented a rapid strategy for development and expansion. It has soon become the exclusive distributor for other 3 major brands: TGB Taiwan, Ohvale Italy and The Drift Trike Gang. Our long-term objectives are focused on becoming one of the leading trading motorcycles companies in Qatar, by offering our customers affordable and reliable services.